Austin - October 25, 2019


All the value of a large conference, all the fun of a meetup.

We're excited to bring Creators Offline to Austin, TX! Join us for a micro-conference, consisting of talks from some of your favorite artists and creators. You'll have about two hours worth of inspirational and tactical talks, followed by a chance to meet and make friends with other creators. We're looking forward to meeting you there! Registration is FREE!

Galvanize - Austin
119 Nueces St, Austin, TX 78701
6:30 PM

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We're honored to share a series of seven, 10-20 minute talks by each of these fantastic speakers!

Lizzie Peirce

Don't just make content - SAY Something

The importance of finding meaning behind your work, helping others, and generating impact.

About Lizzie Peirce

Lizzie is a video producer and photographer. Together with her partner, Chris Hau, she operates Know Hau Media Operations Inc. With a specialty of corporate video. Together, they have worked with clients including Corona, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Northface, and The Scotland Tourism Board. Lizzie also makes weekly videos on YouTube with a specialty in educational, photography, and video content.

Javier Mercedes

Everything I learned in my first year video podcasting

How to record, promote, monetize, and have a positive impact with your podcast.

About Javier Mercedes

Javier worked as a professional recording engineer and as the senior video editor at theChive. He has since left the main corporate world in pursuit of his passion for creating videos online. He now travels around the country, talking to inspiring individuals who are pursuing their passions for his podcast, Passion In Progress, and makes video editing and podcasting tutorials for his YouTube channel.

Phoebe Mroczek

Your Why is Overrated

We'll discuss why the latest craze to discover your purpose is flawed and what to focus on instead. Whether you're a new or established creator, this conversation is not just relevant and timely, but critical to finding clarity.

About Phoebe Mroczek

Phoebe Mroczek is the host of two successful podcasts, Unbecoming™ and New To™, and helps entrepreneurs profitably scale depth and impact. She is the Chief Marketing Officer of founding_media, an Austin-based podcast network, entrepreneurial magazine and mobile application.

Matt Johnson

About Matt Johnson

Matt and his wife, Rachel, run FilmStrong Wedding films based in Austin, Texas. They create stunning films that push the limits of creativity and quality. He has amassed over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube with tech tutorials, wedding filmmaking behind the scenes videos, and business advice while also growing an incredible beard.

Josh Zimmerman

Behind the Play Button: Who Cares About Your Content, Really?

The creative life is incredibly rewarding - but tough. The onus is on you to not only produce the goods, but also to determine your target audience and the content they are hungry for. But what if you are burned out and unmotivated from producing that content?

About Josh Zimmerman

For the past fourteen years, Josh has worked extensively with TV networks, production companies, MCNs, digital multinational corporations, superstar YouTube influencers, and traditional entertainment celebrities. This has given him some incredible insights into the life of the creator from every single angle. Now, Josh has started Creator Coach, the first-ever life coach dedicated exclusively to creators.

Carter Pagel

Creating an Authentic Brand

Tips for defining yourself in a way that won't make you hate yourself.

About Carter Pagel

Carter Pagel is an award-winning director, creative director and copywriter with 20+ years experience in advertising. He has written multiple Super Bowl spots and worked on large brands, including AT&T, Bud Light, State Farm and DIRECTV. His work has been recognized by Cannes, Advertising Age and the American Advertising Awards.


So…Am I Supposed To Be A Social Justice Warrior Now?

Through her own career path woes, Evelyn invites us all to think about the responsibility we may feel as visible creators to represent our communities in our work.

About Evelyn

Evelyn From The Internets is an Austin, TX-based digital storyteller and Internet personality who makes giggle-worthy yet insightful content. She doesn’t know how she feels about the word “content”. Currently, she uploads to her YouTube channel (of the same name) with varying levels of consistency, and is the writer and co-host of Say It Loud, a PBS Digital Studios web series about Black histories and cultures.

Micro-conference schedule

The event will last about 3 and a half hours with about 90 minutes being talks. We encourage everyone to get there on time, and meet as many fellow creators as possible! Bring your business cards if you have them!

6:30 PM Doors open, Networking time! 7:00 PM Talks Begin 8:30 PM Networking 9:30 PM Wrap up 10:00 PM Good night!